Airline Accountability

Holding airports and airlines accountable to our communities, taxpayers and passengers.

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Accountability to Communities

Under pressure from a global airline industry, publicly owned airports must strive harder to represent the public interest in all dealings. Airport Lease Agreements must be social contracts that serve the needs of the communities and not just the airlines.

Accountability in Contracting

Airports should adopt policies to ensure responsible contracting and to improve passenger safety, security and service at our airports. Responsible contractor policies should include provisions to reduce turnover and improve safety by mandating fair wages and protecting workers’ rights to form a union.

Accountability to Passengers

Airlines and airports owe all passengers quality services, which includes a safe and secure traveling experience. A trained workforce to handle emergencies and properly maintained equipment for passengers with disabilities are the basic building blocks of having inclusive, smoothly operating, 21st century airports for all.

Accountablility Resources

Find more in-depth information on airports, airline contracting and the economic impacts of aviation on our communities in reports from the Economic Roundtable, UC Berkeley Labor Center and airport contracting experts.

Holding Airlines Accountable

Airlines make billions in profits and receive billions from our public coffers through direct and indirect subsidies and by profiting off our public infrastructure. These profitable corporations should be responsible to the communities that make their success possible. Taxpayers, working people, and passengers are holding airlines accountable and demanding they pay their fair share in taxes, keep airports secure, accessible to all passengers and invest in creating good jobs where workers’ rights to form a union are respected.

Accountability to Taxpayers

Profitable airlines benefit from billions in public investments, tax relief, and subsidies in the form of jet-fuel tax breaks and other programs. Taxpayers and their elected representatives are increasingly looking for ways to ensure that any investment of public dollars in the aviation sector comes with additional measures of accountability.

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