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Is American Airlines and Delta Contractor Eulen America Causing Turbulence for East Coast Airports?

Airlines such as American and Delta contract out certain passenger services like cabin cleaning and wheel chair assistance to companies like Eulen America. Recent investigations into Eulen reveal serious problems with that company in East coast airports.

Are Southwest’s Aggressive Outsourcing Practices Putting Growth Priorities at Risk?  

As a result of recent changes in contracting at Southwest Airlines, critical, front-line passenger service and safety positions – jobs like wheelchair assistants, baggage handlers, and plane cleaners – are now being performed by workers employed by low-road, irresponsible contractors… Continue Reading →

Report:  Southwest Airlines Receives Millions in CA Tax Money, While Employing Contractor with History of Large-Scale Wage Theft

SEIU United Service Workers West has released a new report that links the millions that airlines like Southwest Airlines receive in taxpayer money through California’s Statewide Travel Program (STP) and the company’s use of low-road, irresponsible contractors to perform many front-line… Continue Reading →

Airport workers need good union jobs, not President Trump’s wall

Despite the dysfunction created by President Trump, Mayors and local elected officials are showing that they have the power to improve the lives of working people and make our cities a place where a hard day’s work is rewarded with fair pay and a voice on the job.

Holiday travel is miserable for most of us – but not for airline CEOs

Many Americans see air travel around the holidays as a necessary evil. We brave the stress of crowds, delays, high ticket prices, high bag fees, and hope we don’t have to change our plans and pay even higher change fees…. Continue Reading →

New Jersey Senate Committee Advances Bill to Close Tax Loophole, Fund Transit to Airport

The move by the New Jersey legislature to consider closing this loophole is an important step.  United Airlines made more than $2 billion in profit last year.   Recent research suggested that, nationally, states lose roughly $1 billion in jet fuel tax giveaways. As New Jersey takes an important step towards rectifying this issue, other states should examine their own jet fuel tax policies and consider whether, like in New Jersey, there is an opportunity to close loopholes, while funding important transit infrastructure projects that benefit everyone.

Airlines’ Trade Group on the Offensive Against Passengers and Workers Alike

Airlines for America (A4A), the largest lobbying organization for the US airline industry, presents itself as a benign organization focused on publishing dreamy photos of airplanes and sunsets.  In reality, A4A is a powerful political force, representing multibillion corporations like United… Continue Reading →

Accountability Blog

While legislatures struggle to find resources to fund our communities’ basic needs, airlines are taking billions in tax subsidies to pad their bottom line. States can do right by taxpayers by ending fuel tax giveaways and other corporate welfare to airlines.

Accountability to Communities

Under pressure from a global airline industry, publicly owned airports must strive harder to represent the public interest in all dealings. Airport Lease Agreements must be social contracts that serve the needs of the communities and not just the airlines.

Accountability in Contracting

Airports should adopt policies to ensure responsible contracting and to improve passenger safety, security and service at our airports. Responsible contractor policies should include provisions to reduce turnover and improve safety by mandating fair wages and protecting workers’ rights to form a union.

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